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About MBS Imaging

MBS Imaging is dedicated to provide a Convenient and Cost Effective, Mobile Modified Barium Swallow Study and provide professional Dysphagia consultation at patient’s facility.

The advantage behind the mobile MBSS is that overall results of the test are more representative of a patient's swallowing functions, because the issue of fatigue, disorientation and testing delays related to transportation to a hospital are eliminated.

MBSS is performed inside the mobile clinic that is parked outside the facility. The patient is brought outside to the clinic in the wheelchair, or Neuro-chair, and with the assistance of a electric wheelchair lift, that allows easy access to the mobile clinic.

The mobile clinic allows the facility to have a copy of the evaluation on the DVD to be used for review. The immediate availability of DVD and immediate results/evaluation report is not available in a hospital setting.

The mobile clinic also saves lot of time and hassles of transportation. The complete evaluation time, from arriving at the facility to leaving the facility averages 30-45 minutes